The 2018-2019 yearbook celebrates a senior class that is truly unique.  They possess talents in the area of academics, sports and in work experience.  To have such a well-rounded class of 20 students is very unusual and unexpected.  Many of these students have been competing with each other for the last 13 years. They are competitive yet they have a strong bond of friendship within the group.  They are willing to challenge themselves and at times, their teachers, to obtain as much as they can during their educational journey through high school. I wish them the best of luck succeeding in the challenging environment that waits for them as they leave here, whether it is in higher education, the military or the work world.

Joseph Zirngibl



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School Board

Butternut School District School Board (L to R): Barb Koch, Randy Smart, George Faltinosky, Steve Brown, Gary Mertig