Oh, my dear Carter boy.  I don’t even know where or how to begin this short note to you…

     As a toddler, you were so independent and determined, as you became a young adult and now an adult, graduating high school.  That determination, independence, and driving attitude have shaped who you are. As much as those who love and support you walk on glass around you at times, you are you. You know what you want and you will stop at nothing until you reach your goals.  Then you have your kind, loving, protective side. This is precious and is my Carter-Boo, my Carter bug, and my baby boy.

     We love all of you and couldn’t be any prouder or smile any large than we do when we see you, think of you or are around you.

     You impact those around you with such driving energy and show your compassion in the end. You will be successful in all you tackle and have so much to offer.  We are all here for you always and I thank you for being the son that you are. Your smile and hugs are always in my heart.

Love you forever,