Cross Country

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Front Row L to R: Jerit Heckendorf, Grady Dennis, Izzy Przybylski, Caitlynn Bebeau, Owen Dennis Second Row: Devin Canik, Jon Pritzl, Joee Engel, Bailey Bebeau, Ivy Popowski, Jersey Polencheck, Megan Bruch, Harley Heckendorf, Grace Jokinen Back RowCoach Troy BeBeau, Eayon Wegner, Kody Mareno, Josh Koch, Hayden BeBeau, Michael Zielke, Brendan BeBeau, Mike Brown, Assistant Coach Gina BeBeau 

The Butternut High School Cross Country Team had a very succesful 2019 season, the runners on our team ranged in age from 6th grade through 12th grade. The students all started the season off at  very different fitness levels, as per the norm. Some runners spent many hours running during the summer to build up their endurance, strength, and speed in preparation for the up and coming season. Other runners didn’t put in any time over the summer months to prepare. Despite this dramatic difference of preparation commitment, all the runners showed dramatic improvement throughout the season.

 In order for someone to monitor growth, it is important for runners to REFLECT on a regular basis.  This reflection is a time for the runner to compare themselves at this current point in time, with the earlier version of themselves. Where were they when the season started, and where are they now? This time of reflection helps keep student athletes on track. Growth is the ultimate goal, it is the sign that shows you are heading in the right direction. This only comes with hard work and tremendous effort. There are no shortcuts to achieve the desired growth.

Each and every runner this year did a great job showing growth. That is a sign of a hugely successful season for all. This growth that is shown, not only shows up in their running abilities, but does so as well in their character as a growing individual. The growth spreads into their everyday lives and the many other aspects of their day. The most obvious of these signs of growth are shown in their increased level of confidence, and in their determination to push through tough times, difficult situations, or challenging classroom work as well. 

                                                                         - Coach Troy BeBeau

This Years Personal Bests

Devin Canik

Callahan Emmer

Mike Brown

Eayon Wegner 

Kody Mareno 

Brenden BeBeau 

Hayden BeBeau 

Ben Pritzl 

Josh Koch 

Michael Zelke 

Bailey BeBeau 

Harley Heckendorf 

Grace Jokinen

Megan Bruch