Quiz Bowl

 L to R Back Row: Coach Lueddecke, Harley Heckendorf, Seth Steiner, Mike Brown, Olivia Lawver. L to R Front Row: Bailey BeBeau, Katie Rein, Sam Cebery, Vincent Zahn


The Butternut High Quiz Bowl Team had a youthful team this season.  This year's regular season record was two wins and 10 losses with the wins coming from defeating Phillips and South Shore.  Freshman newcomer Katie Rein took on a leadership role by attending and being the spokesperson for all 12 regular season matches this year.  A special ‘thank
you’ goes out to Jennifer and John Rein and Tammi and Jack Zahn for providing an audience for the students during matches.
Students contributing to the season this year were: junior Seth Steiner; sophomores Michael Brown, Samantha Cebery, Aurora Esberner, and Olivia Lawver; and freshmen Bailey Bebeau, Harley Heckendorf, Katie Rein, and Vincent Zahn.

Regular Season Scores:
vs. Ashland L 90 - 20
vs. Maple L 75 - 40
vs. Chequamegon L 60 - 25
vs. Northwood L 55 - 5
vs. Phillips W 35 - 10
vs. Washburn L 60 - 50
vs. Drummond L 65 - 15
vs. Bayfield L 60 - -10
vs. Superior L 90 - 10
vs. Winter L 50 - 15
vs. South Shore W 30 - 0
vs. Mellen L 45 - 30
The annual High Quiz Bowl Tournament was held at the CESA #12 Conference Center in Ashland on February 12th. 
Students representing the Butternut tournament team were: sophomores Michael Brown, Samantha Cebery, and Olivia Lawver; and freshmen Bailey Bebeau and Katie Rein.  The tournament is a double-elimination tournament versus the same 12 teams faced during the regular season.  The teams answered questions in a diverse scope of topics that covered
math, grammar, science, and more.

Tournament Scores:
vs. Maple L 60 - 20
vs. Winter L 15 - 10
After the tournament, the team celebrated the end of the season with ice cream and a visit to the Chequamegon Humane Association.  The team looks forward to building on their experience next year.  The Butternut High Quiz Bowl Team is coached by Dana Lueddecke.
Captions (Pictures above)
The Butternut Quiz Bowl team relaxing in the CESA #12 lounge before departing from the High Quiz Bowl Tournament
From L to R: Bailey Bebeau, Olivia Lawver, Samantha Cebery, Katie Rein, Michael Brown
The Butternut Quiz Bowl team getting introduced to dogs at the Chequamegon Humane Association
Olivia and Sam socializing with cats at the Chequamegon Humane Association