Where has the time gone? It is so hard to believe we are 

at this point in your life already! You are not our little girl

anymore. We never thought this day would come so fast. 

It is going to be so hard letting you go to explore the world 

on your own, but we know we have to and that you will 

be fine. 

You have grown to be a very strong, smart, and brave 

young lady, who is ready to live life to the fullest. (You 

got this baby girl. Show the world who you really are!)

We are going to miss you so much, the house is going

to be so quiet, no more outburst of random song lyrics, 

or you coming out of your room laughing so hard that 

you have tears running down your face, because of a 

silly thing you found as you were scrolling through F.B, or 

you busting through the door after school or work. Yelling 

about what a crappy day it was, no more having you come out of your room for a late night cereal snack, or you and Cody playing Ball in the Hall! Sure going to miss all that! We want you to always remember who you are, where you came from , and that we love you always and forever. 

                             - Love mom, dad , and Cody

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