Dear Grace, 

The time has come in which you've been preparing for your whole life, and you are so ready to embrace the world!

You've always given 100% in all you do. We've never had to push you to work harder, you've always pushed yourself more than necessary. You are such a capable individual! You have the determination to go far in life!

Just remember success is measured in many ways. To live life with contentment, compassion, and humility, will bring you more joy than anything money can buy. 

No doubt we've had our battles, but that is part of who we are. We would not change you in any way. You've made us very proud and we have loved and cherished every moment in raising you. 

Stay true to your faith, the love that Christ had for you, is the only thing that's certain in this world. Hold tight to it! We will love you always!


Dad and Mom